The Endless Transit

Hi, I’m Janine Anne: a writer, designer, and developer.
After being an exchange student in Korea University last 2014, I fell in love with traveling and being in an endless transit around the world. Currently, I am taking up my Master’s degree at Yonsei University.

Since I was young I’ve always been in love with writing: it was quite fascinating how words could make up beautiful stories. After graduating from Ateneo de Manila University, I was so lost with what to do next that. It was then that I wrote my first article in Thought Catalog titled ‘To Those Dreams I Had To Give Up’ igniting my lost passion for writing.

The adrenaline I got from writing that article made me greedy to write more, to have a space I can fill with everything I wanted to tell the world. Welcome to my site: a canvas I fill with my passions and writings.

What I can offer to you

Design & Development.

I help clients determine possible areas to improve on in their business and provide comprehensive IT solutions. I design and develop systems, websites, and applications. For website development services, I provide 1 year free domain and hosting.


Professional content, copy writing, and editing services for your brand or business. I have extensive training in Journalism and Writing, and am a contributor for the Thought Catalog.


With Level 4 (Intermediate-Advanced) TOPIK certification and Level 4 & 6 certification from Yonsei Korean Language Institute, I provide translations from Korean to English. I have been translating since 2011, check out my Youtube channel with over 10,000+ subscribers.

Let’s Collaborate!

Want more exposure for your brand? I feature and make reviews for events, accommodations, restaurants, cafes, spas, and other products or services (e-book, clothing, cosmetics, and the like).

Send me an email on janineladdaran@gmail.com or simply post a comment on any of my posts and let’s work on something amazing together!