Free Goal Planner Template for Successful Goal Setting

In order to accomplish goals, there is a need to set and plan them accordingly. This requires of not just dedication but also clearly defining what you intend to do, and ultimately creating a plan and direction to how you would achieve your goal. In this post, I will be sharing the goal planner template that I have created which perfectly embodies the most important rule in goal setting: SMART (Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound). Using this goal planner template would help you have focus and direction on achieving your goals.

This goal planner template is made through Procreate and Goodnotes 5, which are apps I highly recommend to everyone. Through my recent iPad 7 purchase (an upcoming post will be about this along with must-have accessories and apps for students), I have had so much motivation to improve productivity as well as writing digital planners. There are various templates available as well as tutorials online and yet despite these, I found the free ones to be not particularly fit with what I wanted while the paid ones were too expensive. And so, I’ve decided to make my own goal planner template that I’ll be sharing for free to everyone.

Goal Planner Template

  1. Category – Here, you may choose the category of your goal: Health, Career, Studies, Research, Passion, Travel, Finance, and Other. This way, you can make your goal setting more organized.
  2. Importance – Gauge the importance of your goal from 1 to 5 stars so you can prioritize which ones to focus on first.
  3. What I want to achieve – Clearly define that which you want to achieve. You have to understand exactly what you want first before you can commit to it.
  4. Why I want this? – Describe the reasons behind your goal. It is very important to ensure that reaching this goal is important and valuable to you, this means there must be something you get out of this goal. Looking at this very reason will motivate you especially when you are losing confidence in yourself.
  5. Timeline – Here you can write six important dates on your way to reach your goal: Start, 5 milestones, and End. The numbers correspond to the milestones to be written in the next part.
  6. Milestones – Set small realistic goals that can build the foundation to reach your main goal. By creating an actual plan, you would get motivated each time you cross out one of the steps up until you reach the end of your goal.
  7. Setbacks – Describe any setbacks or hindrances you encountered along the way so that in the future, you may avoid these setbacks or have a way to solve them.
  8. Reflection – Write down any reflection or lesson you have learned or felt while achieving this goal. This part is sometimes overlooked but I find it to be an essential part of goal planning because it is here where you can actually find what the goal actually means for you.
  9. Notes – Write or draw any idea, memo, quote, or anything that you want here that is vital or relevant on your journey to this goal. I recommend writing down an important quote that can further motivate you.

Reaching a goal is not easy: it’s not as simple as wanting something to happen. To successfully reach you goal you need to set your action plan and commit to it. I believe this goal planner template I am sharing to you for free will be a great help on your way to reaching your goals. To get your copy, simply fill out the sign-up form below to join my mailing list, and you’ll receive the download link right away!

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I have always loved making a record of events, ideas, and plans through planners so I had a lot of fun creating this goal planner template. I’ll be making more of these templates so stay tuned! Let me know on the comments below what you think of this post!

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  1. I love goal setting and love the goal planning sheet that you provide. We are so busy nowadays, even before the crazy coronavirus. And I love being able to see and have a reminder of what I want to achieve. Love these times of sheets. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is a great resource and I love that it breaks down the milestones along the way. I have always found that I am far more motivated if I celebrate each little accomplishment along the way. It helps me feel like I’m at least accomplishing SOMETHING and the end isn’t as far off as it may seem.

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